The BI360 budget module provides you and your organisation with a flexible Microsoft-based Budget, Forecast and Consolidation tool.

Excel and Web

BI360 Budget & Forecast (Planning) is the perfect choice for companies with a clear Microsoft strategy. BI360 Planning takes full advantage of the flexibility of Excel for entering values ​​but saves all values ​​in a central database (SQL Server). Any existing Excel templates used for proprietary solutions can be reused. 


With BI360 Planning, full control is also provided that feed templates are automatically updated when changes are made to account layouts, outcomes, cost centers or other dimensions due to direct integration with the underlying systems. The Excel templates are completely dynamic and, for example, automatically adjust the correct number of period columns when rolling forecasts for period expiration and input of values ​​for future periods.

Workflow at Budget

Processes with BI360 Planning, you get support for all steps in your Budget Process using a built-in workflow feature. Users will automatically receive information about activities they will perform when they are ready and which entries to be filled. The budget process can be started by mail and the central administration can of course follow up who started the work, which ones are ready, as well as those who did not start the entries at all.

Collect all your information in a Data Warehouse

BI360 Planning comes with a pre-configured Data Warehouse, BI360DW, which is used as the central storage location for both outcomes and input values. This data storage is scalable, easy to administer and built on Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, there are complete connectors for Salesforce that enables planning and analysis based on information both internally and in the cloud. BI360DW can be installed locally and in the cloud based on Microsoft Azure.

Full support for Microsoft BI & Consolidation

BI360 Planning utilises the full power of Microsoft's BI platform. New BI tools from Microsoft like PowerView can be used as well as Reporting Services for deploying dropout reporting. This minimizes licensing costs for the deployment and use of the solution. Apart from proprietary Excel Solutions BI360 Planning is a robust and reliable application with central security management and stored location for input values. Through the centrally managed database, full control is obtained on business rules, consolidations and currency management as well as integration with all types of business systems.


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