Build your own reports and dashboards with a complete live integration against Microsoft Dynamics and SAP B1. 

Self-service reporting directly to your financial system! 

BI360 has complete integration with a variety of business systems that will get you started with your reporting without the need for consulting. BI360 is Excel based and contains both standard reports and capabilities to easily create your own reports.

Easy-to-use through drag-and-drop design. 

BI360 Reporting is available for both Excel and Web. In Excel, you get an Outlook-like interface with access to all modules and fields in your business system. By dragging and dropping fields from the Excel menu, you easily create your own report. This can then be run for your own use, and / or distributed to other BI360 users. Users can then use the report continuously by controlling the selection of parameters and constantly selecting to view current information. One day's training is enough to work as a report designer in BI360! So if you can  use Excel, you can build reports in BI360. 

Consolidation, elimination and currency

Do you have several legal companies in your business system? BI360 supports multi-company reporting where we create consolidated information for all legal companies. You can also enter regulations for eliminations and currency management. 

Graphics and design

BI360 is Excel based. Anything you do in Excel can be done in BI360, and with live connection to the business system. This allows you to use graphs, colors, formats, charts and other Excel layouts. 

Think about thinking about new

Why always visualise information with numbers and tables? With BI360, you can build storytelling reports that automatically build descriptive texts based on results and present them in an easy-to-understand manner. This is appropriate for board reporting or for distributing overall information to a large number of recipients. 

BI for everyone

With BI360 Publisher, you can automatically distribute reports, based on time or terms, in a variety of formats (pdf, Excel, BI360, HTML, etc.). Why not use BI360 to mail out monthly results for the entire company every month? You can save time and money through automated mailings. 

BI360 Reporting in Brief

· Completed Integrations for Dynamics AX / NAV / CRM / SL, SAP Business One plus many others.
· An Excel-based report product. 
· Access to 1000s of information in the financial system. 
· Integration to all modules (masterbook, customer, supplier, etc.) 
· Drag-and-drop design for building reports 
· 2,000+ clients on BI360  
· Drill down to transactions directly from any amount in a report 
· Ad-hoc reporting 
· Controlled distribution of company-wide reports. 
· Automatic scheduling and distribution of reports. 


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