Within a timeframe of fifty days, Inera got an implementation of BI360 with a connection to their service catalog and financial system that they now use for budgeting and calculating the costs and prices of their services, per an ABC-model that makes up the services from components and sub-components and resources.

Björn Almqvist

CFO Inera

"In regards to scale, the solution was an appropriate size in relation to our needs. There are several systems where you would utilize ten percent of the solution, but pay for a hundred percent.”

Per-Olof Markstöm

System Manager HappySocks

"BI360 is the best available product for reporting from AX I have seen. It is faster to build reports in than other Excel-based tools…"


Petrus Jarlsbonde



"We couldn’t require the same level of budgeting skills from local business managers as we do from our central finance department. Therefore, it had to be simple and easy to use."


Frederik Lundgren

VP of Finance



"The system is more integrated, so the analysts have more confidence that the data is correct. Now the analysts have time to determine if the business is going in the correct direction, as opposed to just processing the data received."


Myles Reed, Jr.

Finance Director



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